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Visualize & Analysis Internal Search Keywords

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Hi, I looking for


1. workaround to segment keywords in single or double or multiple keyword comibinations

2. count the frequency (frequently appearing and unique words)

3. best practice to normalize internal search keywords e.g. dubletten, mistypings, synonyms etc. (semantic-preprocessing)

4. examples or templates to visualize internal search keywords e.g.

  • Networks, relations and connections (graph)
  • Visualize text for text mining (content)
  • Word list, network donut, tree and cloud + (detail)filter for conceptual of KW combinations (words)
  • Trend chart 


  • graph_circle.pngtrend.pngwordcloud.pngWordTree.jpg



Visualize & Analysis Internal Search Keywords

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# 2
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DS doesn't have bubble charts where the bubbles change sizes, unfortunately. You could use a scatter plot if you want all the dots to be the same size. 


As far as internal keywords, I pull down the data into Sheets and create a fairly manual classification system. I then upload it back into DS.