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Visitor loyalty metric question

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Under the Frequency and Recency report, I can see how many sessions/pageviews once a month, twice a month, etc. But is there a way I can calculate the percentage of total visitors that view 1,2,3, etc pages per month?

Re: Visitor loyalty metric question

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a) You could add a Pie chart using Frequency and Recency report as a data source.

Or b) using a Table, sort Decending by Frequency, and then Recency & tick the box to "show bars" in the table

Or c) use a calculated metric

Calculated metric can also incudLe functions which work the same as countif() in excel...
WHEN Pageviews >= 3 THEN "SuperEngaged"
WHEN (Pageviews <= 2 AND Pageviews < 3) THEN "Engaged"
ELSE "Not Engaged"