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Visitor count differences

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I have looked for some info regarding this but have been unable to find the answers I need.
I run a website that carries Classified adverts for the Motorsport Industry.
All adverts have counters on them indicating how many views that advert has had.
I promoted an advert on Facebook (we have over 120k Followers on Facebook) and in the promotion I included a link to the Classified website advert, the link was made up using the Google URL shortener as I always do.
I made a note of how many views the adverts had received before I started the promotion.
After 24 hours, the advert had received an additional 12,183 views, and on checking the Google URL Shortner, it was reporting that the link had been clicked 12,325 times, so quite a close correlation between the two sets of data.
The thing really worrying me, my Google Analytics reports 3,955 site visitors that 24 hour period.
Any advice as to why the numbers are so different?
This is the first time this has happened.

Re: Visitor count differences

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Hi Graham,

You posted in the Data Studio category. You need post in the GA reporting category.

Note1: If a visitor loaded your page 3 times, then this would explain why you have 3 pages / visit.
Note2: Try using uniquePageviews rather than Pageviews.