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Viewing completed goals for Content Group

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I have set up custom Content Groupings/Groups in GA. 


I now want to view those groups and associated goal completions in Data Studio.


I have set this up in a table in Data Studio but I cannot see any completed goals coming through (see attached) for the selected content group. However, in GA there are goals coming through for that content group. In fact the total goal completions for the applicationStart from Home goal (called Applications Started in the Data Studio image) are spread across the newly created content groups in GA bu tare all under not set in Data studio. I assume this must mean that the content groups are not registered in Data Studio for some reason.


How can I fix this so that the goals are pulled through to Data Studio? Also, is it possible to see goals completed for Content Groupings for the All Pages report in GA and Data Studio?


Please note that I have changed the Goal Name in Data Studio to make it more user friendly so applicationStart from Home is Application Started in data studio.




Any help would be greatly appreciated.