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Uploaded CSV data not in report

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Last month (April 2017) I uploaded YTD data via CSV upload and built reports using this new data source.


Using the same CSV schema, I used "Add Files" to upload MTD CSV data (May 2017), expecting that reports using this data source would now be able to report on this month's data, but the reports still only show data through last month.


The MTD file for May does not show an error. See screenshot below. 


What am I doing wrong? Or is there lag before I see the added data? Some sort of propagation?


thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.26.07 PM.png


Uploaded CSV data not in report

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In theory it should append the latest MTD data to your original.  I'm assuming you've double checked the date ranges on your report?


I'd also be curious to know what the source file looks like when you download it from Cloud Storage...if you click on "View Files in Cloud" and then download the source file, does it show it with MTD data?

Re: Uploaded CSV data not in report

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bad schema.png


Hi Mike, thanks for your reply.


Yes, I verified the dates in the uploaded CSV file, and also found and downloaded the 'cloud' versions.

Even went so far as to switch a couple of columns around on MTD upload to see what GDS throws up as errors.

The fact that my first file (with correct schema) did not throw up an error, leads me to believe GDS liked it.

But why won't it show data in the linked reports?

Is anyone having success appending/adding CSV files to an existing data source and seeing the data in linked reports?


thanks again!