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Unable to effectively connect data source to cloned report

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I am trying to clone a report that uses a google sheets data source that changes every month, but is in the exact same format every month. Essentially I am duplicating the original report, and then using that copy to hook up to the new google sheet for the next month, which is in the same format as the previous month's sheet but has new data


I am able to copy the report and connect it up to the new monthly sheet data source, but for every chart that I've used in the report I must manually reconnect the data source, as well as the filters. Here's a picture to illustrate this:



Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 3.27.57 PM.png 



It only takes me a couple seconds to reconnect the data source and filters and make everything look fine, but with 27 pages in this report that would take forever.  




Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 3.32.38 PM.png









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Unable to effectively connect data source to cloned report

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Hi Graham,


I didn't try it myself, but do you think a "proxy sheet" that doesn't change and is actually just a copy of your current months sheet would help?


Data Studio ----> PROXY SHEET <---- Actual Sheet for Current Month


Hope that helps.

Unable to effectively connect data source to cloned report

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Hi Graham,


That seems odd to me. Can you tell me the steps you are following?


In my test, I did this:

Created a Sheet S1

Created a Sheet-based data source DS1

Created a report R1, with a chart using DS1


I copied R1 to R2 and in the Create New Report dialog, told it to use DS1. 

R2 works fine, no broken charts.


I then copied S1 to S2.

I edited DS1 and reconnected it to S2.

R2 works fine, no broken charts.


Finally, I made a new data source DS2, connecting to S2.

I edited R1 and switched the data source for the chart to DS2.

R1 works fine, no broken charts.


Are you following one of these scenarios? Or something different?





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Re: Unable to effectively connect data source to cloned report

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Hey Rick,


Thanks for your comment. I actually just typed out a whole explanation of what I was doing myself, and then I found out what I was doing wrong in that process!


When I made a copy of my original report, I was given an option in a pop up window to immediately connect a new data source to that copy, instead of using the same one. Before I just used the same data source as the original in that pop up window and then afterwards tried to switch it once it was already created. I'm very happy now. Here's some pictures to anyone else in case they encounter this like me!


As you can see below I switched the new sheet from to "2017-05-publisher stats" to 2016-04 Publisher Stats. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.15.34 AM.png






Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.15.48 AM.png




Re: Unable to effectively connect data source to cloned report

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Google Employee

Ah ok, I'm glad it's working for you now!



(BTW, your screenshots seem to be broken. Here's a test to make sure the Forum is behaving itself:

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 5.04.44 PM.png

If that works, then I think maybe you didn't wait until the screenshot fully loaded before clicking DONE. That's a quirk of the HTML editor in this Forum :/ )