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Time dimension using columns instead of raws

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to create a new G Data Studio dashboard for my weekly e-commerce reports.

I created a G Sheet where KPIs are placed into raws and time dimension (week: W1, W2 etc.) is placed into columns (please see the image below):Schermata 2017-04-07 alle 14.59.48.png


When I connect Data Studio with my G Sheet, it cannot find any valid Time Dimension. Why?
It seems like G Data Studio considers only dimensions placed into raws.

My need is to create a dashboard with graphs like this one below (I simply made it on G Sheet after selecting "switch raws and columns" option).


Schermata 2017-04-07 alle 15.09.38.png
Any help?

Thank you Smiley Happy


Unfortunately I cannot place time dimension (weeks) into raws.