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Time aggregation hour and minute

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I'm wondering how I can aggregate using minutes and hours. Let me explain:

I have the following google sheet:


time                           places

20/10/2016 8:00        10

20/10/2016 8:30        5

20/10/2016 17:00      20

21/10/2016 10:00      5

21/10/2016 13:00      20


When I use this data with Data Studio, I'm using DDMMAAAAHH format for the time field. It aggregates the two first rows (it displays 15) because they are at the same hour (8), that it's ok, but I would like to have something like a DDMMAAAAMM (for minutes) format. I would like the aggregation to be able to distinguish between these two rows because they are at different minutes.


Is there any way to do that? I have tried with the MM format, but I think it's for a different use.


Best regards,