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Time Series Chart with Google Sheets Data

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I'm trying to use the time series chart to graph lap times of racers in a 30 minute (or X amount of laps) event so i can compare multiple racers consistency/speed. I cannot sort how to plot the X axis as this seems to be solely based on date. I can get Lap numbers to show up on the bottom row but the metric is always blank no matter which way I configure the aggregation or type


Possible my google sheet setup up is off? Any direction would be appreciated. Thank You!


This is basic sample below...


LAPRider 1Rider 2Rider 3


Time Series Chart with Google Sheets Data

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You may want to set up your sheet more like this:


L1  Rider1  2:03.001

L1  Rider2  2:03.255

L2  Rider1  2:05.201



That way, DS has one metric (time) to consider. That said, I believe a time chart has to have a date dimension across the x-axis. Maybe a bar chart will get at what you need?


You likely need to change the aggregation setting of the metric, since you wouldn't want the times to sum up. You probably want average or minimum?

Time Series Chart with Google Sheets Data

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I do believe the time chart is not currently ready for this setup. I wanted to see a line graph to compare times but looks like Bar chart is probably the way to go for now or maybe area chart. I need to play with some more to understand.


Another area that is troubling is working with time that is anything under a minute (seconds/tenths/etc). Any combo I try has not resulted in correctly plotting or even showing the correct times under a minute in any type of chart. Maybe I need to adjust in google sheets. I will keep tweaking on it until I figure workarounds.


Thanks for taking the suggestions.