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Time Series Bar Chart to Display Percentage of Mobile and Tablet Sessions Year on Year?

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Hi and thanks in advance!

Can anyone help with how to get a time series bar chart in Data Studio to display percentage of mobile and tablet sessions year on year?

Right now the data displays as numbers both in the left scale column and in the data labels.

I've tried the following edits to the data source that is coming from Google Analytics:

Attempt 1:

Create new field called % Mobile Sessions with this formula in the formula field:

COUNT(Mobile (Including Tablet))/Sessions) receives Could Not Parse Formula Error
Attempt 2:
Copy % Sessions and change Type to Percent displays something close to the regular numbers with a percent sign at the end of the number (looking for just a percentage out of 100%)
Attempt 3:

Copy % New Sessions and replace newSessions in formula with something like mobileSessions also receives an error

Here is an example created in Excel that shows what the client is looking for. Is this possible in Data Studio?