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Third Page Path or Behaviour Flow

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Hi, My name is Victor


I am using Google Data Studio and this is the thing that I'm trying. I am trying to put in each page the path flow of my users.

If you go to Behaviour Flow in Google Analytics you can see all the path that your users are doing in the web, and I want to put that in my Google Data Studio Sheet.


How i couldnt find the way to put the flow I am using one sheet of Google Data Studio to see each path. In my first page I put a graphic with Destiny Page (description in Google Data studio: SEARCH_DESTINATION_PAGE), in the Second Sheet I put Second Page  (description in Google Data studio: SECOND_PAGE_PATH) but there arent more, and i want to add the third one.


Is the only way that come to my mind to put in my report the User Behaviour Flow. Can i add that Third Page or there are others ways to add the Flow?


I also try the thing call:






But this data doesnt agree with the data in Google Analytics User Behaviour Flow Smiley Sad


Thanks a lot for your time.


Kind regards from Spain Smiley Happy