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Table organisation

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I am about to create a table with a dimension (device category) as a fixed horizontal table header and I would like to set my metrics (severa GA goals) in column.

It seems not to be possible to have a fixed header and variables (here Goal metrics) set in column..

Can you please give me a feedback on this feature, I could use a little help here Smiley Happy



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Table organisation

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Not sure what the issue is here.

Create your table with your dimensions and metrics and it will work Smiley Very Happy

If your concern is about column headers for metrics, the trick can be to rename the metric name in your data source settings. 

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Table organisation

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Hi Julien,

Thanks for your reply, not sure I explained my problem clearly.

I would like to set my metrics variables (GA Goals) in column and not in header line as preconfigured.

For my table I would like to have :

Header line : Desktop Mobile Tablet

Left Column : Goal 1 - Goal 2 - Goal 3...

I cannot manage to "reverse" the table organisation (only the line header can be set with variables). 

Thanks again for your help Smiley Happy