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Sporadic Configuration Error with Google Sheet as Data Source

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I've set up a graph from a Google Sheet to run on weekly data. I've set it up so the weekly format is ISO Week of ISO Year, and changed this dimension to have the date format in the data source to be "ISO Year Week" 


I have multiple graphs running fine in this format, however there is one which seems to occasionally crop up with a "data configuration error" sporadically. 


When I refresh the data, it solves the error and works fine (sometimes I have to refresh the data twice for it to work). Although it's getting annoying having to refresh it so often, and as I've shared the report out with others, they don't always realise how to fix the problem.


I've tried building the graph again from a new data source, but this didn't work. 


Any suggestions? 

Re: Sporadic Configuration Error with Google Sheet as Data Source

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Hi - I do not own this post.