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Split a string in Data Studio

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Does anyone know of a way to split a string in Data Studio?


I've tried to do this with REGEXP_EXTRACT but it seems it can't be done with RE2 syntax.


What I'd like to do is, given a dimension (let's call it "Tags") where values are like these ones:


TAGS                                        METRIC

one,two,three                                 3

two,one                                          1

one                                                1

three, three                                   1          


create a calculated field "Separated tags" where each row is a unique separated value (with aggregated metric):


Separated tags                         METRIC

one                                                    5    

two                                                     4

three                                                   4

This regex is as far as I could get, but it's nowhere near what I need:



I know I can process this outside of Data Studio and then feed it back in, but that's cumbersome and I'd like to neatly solve it within the tool. Any ideas?


If it can't be done, I've started a feature request thread here, so stop by if you'd like to chip in:



Split a string in Data Studio

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I have the same problem. Could you solve it?