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Sorting a table by period on period percentage change

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Hi everyone,


I have made a table showing the amount of pageviews that each of my web pages has had for a given period, pulled straight from Google Analytics. In table properties, I selected compare with previous period and the table now has an extra column showing percentage change of pageviews since the last period.


The problem is there are thousands of pages and I only want to see the ones with the biggest percentage change, however it won't let me sort by the percentage change column.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?


Thanks in advance


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March 2017

Sorting a table by period on period percentage change

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As much as I hope there is a solution, but I really can't think of one.


As you pointed out, there is no way to sort the auto generated columns.


The logical approach would then be to create 2 tables with different date range, but as you can't do a cross table query, there is pretty much no way to create a custom field that can give you the absolute or percentage change over a given period.