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Show totals sums at the bottom of each column

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Hello everyone.


I can pretty much replicate everything I do in excel with using Google Sheets and Data Studio except showing the sum of every column automatically at the bottom of every section. Is anyone familiar with adding this in? Thanks in advanced!


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Show totals sums at the bottom of each column

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Hi Stephanie,


the Google Data Studio Development Team is currently working on this exact feature.


If you have the time, just be patient.


Otherwise, you could replicate this feature right now by:


* either duplicating your Table

** and using a Dimension that is the same accross all data (e.g. Hostname)

** and removing the Paginator and Row Numbers

** and placing your new table below and "behind" your original table (by defining a opaque Background Colour to your original table and changing the order of your copied table to Send to back)


* or using Scorecards to display the overall numbers

** and select Hide Metric Name

** and reduce the Font Size



Please note:

* Always make sure you apply the same Source / Filters / Segments to your "Helpers" as you've applied to your original table

* Both methods are "hacks" so it could be that they break at some point in the future due to Software Updates to Google Data Studio.


Good luck!

Show totals sums at the bottom of each column

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Wonderful -- I think our office can be patient but this is a good temporary solution. Thank you!