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Show Multiple Accounts Custom Dashboards In One Place

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we have several e-commerce sites we track on anayltics and have made a custom e-commerce dashbaord to show simple stats such as sales and products.


is there a way to have say 10 sites dashboard stats all show on one screen so we dont have to switch views all the time?


all websites are managed under 1 user account


Re: Show Multiple Accounts Custom Dashboards In One Place

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Yes, Stuart. Add a new chart, table, or whatever you want to the page, click one of them, then change the data source. It's defaulted to the one you chose when you started the new sheet, but you can add more after the fact.

It's misleading because when you open a new sheet, it prompts you do link a data source immediately. But through the method above, you can add multiples. I have 26 different accounts on one dashboard in one of my files.