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Sharing report

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Hi everyone,

I would like to know if the data Studio shared report (by link) give the updated data.

I mean: I would like to allow one of my client to see uodated data about Analytics every week. I gave him the link of the data Studio report but I'm not sure It will see the updated data or just the data that were shown when I created the report.

Thanks a lot.


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Sharing report

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Hey Massimiliano,


Data Studio reports always reflect whatever data is currently in your data source. So, if your data source is Google Analytics and the GA data is being updated each day as new visitors arrive at the site, then Data Studio will always include the most recent data whenever your client views the report.


The sole exception to this is if you have the cache enabled on the Data Studio report. That causes data to only be updated once every 12 hours: https://support.google.com/360suite/datastudio/answer/7020039?hl=en


Hope that helps!


Sharing report

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Hi Massimiliano


So I can share a report with a client, if I add them to the Get shareable link or by adding people by email address.
PROBLEM being, they need to be a Google account holder. If they have not registered with Google, then they cant access it from what I can see. Am I correct?


Also no luck in exporting to anywhere, or emailing to anyone from the interface.

Basically makes the product non feasible to use for clients. I cant force them to have a Google account, that's just insane...


Am I missing anything?

Sharing report

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Hi @Anthony O! You can actually share Data Studio reports outside Google entirely. See the April 27, 2017 update on this page: https://support.google.com/datastudio/answer/6311467?hl=en

Sharing report

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Hi Drew, 


Thank you for the reply, I went and checked it out, had me excited there for a minute! Smiley Happy


Replaced the datastudio.google.com/open/000000 with their recommended datastudio.google.com/org//reporting/000000 and it still requests a login.


I read further about Sharing, Data Sources and even tried to edit the sharing permissions of the Datastudio file inside my Google Drive to get a "Anyone with a Link" link, but alas - it seems to also have been removed from there? Is this a new 'feature'? (In that case it really sucks)