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Sharing Google DataStudio Report & DataSource with Client

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Hi there,
I ran into a dead end while looking to fully share a dashboard I created for a client. The logic I used was:
I copy client Google Sheet into my Google Drive, use my account to create Data Source from said Google Sheet and create then DataStudio report.
Now I share all three files (Google Sheet with raw data, Data Source & DS report) with client so that he can copy all of them into his Google Drive and take it from there.
Problem: he can copy the DS report in DataStudio but Data Source can't be copied. It still links to the Google Sheet I shared with him and is owned by me. There is no way for him to change that connection.
What can I do?
I don't think I could just create the whole thing using his account, right?
What are other ways to easily share work created for another client?
Any help is much appreciated.