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Sending data to GDocs spreadsheet

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I created a simple Google Report on a GDocs spreadsheet (using the report addon) to obtain a count of different subdomains for one of my sites. This works like a charm on a spreadsheet because I can add all the parameters to the first sheet of the document like:


Report Name Currently Active Domains
Type core
View (Profile) ID ga:125052553
Start Date 2017/01/01
End Date 2017/01/30
Last N Days
Metrics ga:sessions
Dimensions ga:hostname
Sort -ga:sessions


This will return the results of this report on a second sheet. I add the number I need to my DataStudio report by creating a source from a Gdoc Spreadsheet and selecting a single cell with the number I need. This is all well and good but, as you can see in the data above, the dates for the Start and End are fixed on the Spreadsheet. Is there any way I can use the DataStudio to alter the Spreadsheet with the date input I need, or is this relationship strictly one way?


I tried to create this report inside Data Studio, but I kept getting this "You can't mix metrics and dimensions in the same variable" error, so I could never determine how to do it there. Any way to achieve what I want?