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Scrollbar removing numbers from table in report

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Greetings All, 


I tried searching for my issue but was unable to find anyone experiencing the same problem.  


I've created a table that looks at previous goal steps vs their completions.  When I view the report, the numbers in the right most column (completions) have a number, but when I mouse over that chart the scroll bar appears and then removes all the numbers in that last column.  It seems to do it unreliably; sometimes just mousing over some numbers will disappear, but when you scroll, they all disappear. 


I can't seem to get it to not do this. In order to get the numbers to re-appear I have to refresh the report.  Is this a bug? Any guidance will be appreciated. 


numbers_shown.PNGNumbers shown on goal completions before scrolling. numbers_disappeared.PNGNumbers disappear after scrolling the table.

EDIT: Looks like adding decimal points prevents this behavior.  Working as intended?