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Scorecards show configuration error when filter applied

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Hi there, 


I've created a filter on a page that also has some scorecards and a table all related to data coming from Google Analytics. 


The filter works fine on the table, but the scorecards are showing a "configuration error" when one of the two filter conditions is applied. It is fine if both are ticked so it shows all the data. 


filter problem.png


 working scorecard.png



Would anyone know why the scorecards are not working if only one of the filter boxes is ticked?



Re: Scorecards show configuration error when filter applied

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@Scott D


I did same as you for a test. But for me it's working as you can see below. 



Can you share screenshot about configuration of your filter selector and about your scorecard ? 

Which metrics are you using in your selector?

Scorecards show configuration error when filter applied

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Hi @patrick


I got it working. The problem was the scorecards were getting data from Order level, whereas the table itself was getting it's data from Product Level. 


So you could have an order which has both Compatibles and Genuine on it. 


In enhanced e-commerce the scorecards were getting their data from "Sales Performance". But the table was getting data from "Product Performance". 


Long story short, I created relevant scorecards using data from "Product Performance" and it worked fine.