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Scatter Plot - Bubble Color & Sorting

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I've created a scatter plot, have set a dimension for the bubble color, and I have a date filter control on the report.


If I load the plot without a filter, the order and color of the bubbles is different than with a filter.


Without filter:
Screenshot 2017-06-22 10.37.58.pngWith filter:Screenshot 2017-06-22 10.38.25.png

What's the logic behind the sorting of the bubble color? I would like to have a fixed assignment between bubble color and dimension, so that the color codes really make sense.


Thank you very much!

Scatter Plot - Bubble Color & Sorting

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Hi Stefan,


on the issue tracker there's a feature request opened for this exact problem.


Everybody can vote for it HERE. (Just click on the  next to the title of the issue)


With some patience we should be able to assign colors to values soon.


Best Regards!