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Same Regex filters showing different numbers from Google Analytics

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I am creating custom dimensions with CASE and REGEX_MATCH functions based on different strings criteria contained in the url page path. My problem is that when I go to Google Analytics to confirm the REGEX formulas results some of the filters don't match in pageviews numbers and other metrics with Google Data Studio, and some other do.


To test the REGEX in Google Analytics, I am using Behavior > Site Content > All Pages > advance filter > Matches REGEX.


I have results for 100% of the sessions in Google Analytics and I have similar results with different time ranges.


I've been trying to find discrepancies in my REGEX but I'm using the exact same ones in both platforms, so WHY SOME OF THE NUMBERS ARE DIFFERENT? I would appreciate a REGEX solution that explains a performance difference between GA and GDS, or a solid explanation to WHY we can experience these small differences when applying same REGEX filters in both platforms.


Big thanks,


Same Regex filters showing different numbers from Google Analytics

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The Regex applied in GA operates differently from Data Studio.


Can you post a example Regex you are trying to apply?

Same Regex filters showing different numbers from Google Analytics

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Hi Mike, thanks a lot for replying.


Below an example (last 7 days, today excluded)


Data Studio: ^.*store-messages\\/compose.*$  

(I learned in this forum that we needed a double "\\" to cancel REGEX in Data Studio instead of a single "\" one)

Pageviews: 124

Unique Pageviews: 107

Avg Time on Page:  00:00:59


Google Analytics: ^.*store-messages\/compose.*$

Pageviews: 290

Unique pageviews: 114

Avg Time on Page: 00:00:58


I used "\\" in Data Studio instead of "\" in other filters that don't show discrepancies so I'm not sure that's the problem. I thought about the "-" not being cancelled but I have the same use of it in other filters which didn't present discrepancies. 


Thanks again for looking into this. Very appreciated!