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Reusing data sources?

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I setup all my data sources then created a report and tried to reference them.


It appears that you can only create a new data source from a report, not choose a data source you've already setup.

Similarly, when editing a data source, you can only create a new report to connect to it, not choose a report that already exists.


Am I missing something here?

Reusing data sources?

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You can connect to and use as many datasources per report(s) as needed.


Have you looked at the data management page?


Go to Resources > Manage added data sources

Re: Reusing data sources?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is one of the interfaces I'm complaining

I previously setup multiple data sources, but they don't show up in the
list on this page.

For example, I previously configured a data source using a MySQL database
table that required me to enter host, port, user, and password, as well as
uploading 3 SSL certs. I expected to be able to find and select it from a
list to make it accessible to this report, but instead the user interface
requires that create a new data source and configure it all over again.

In the same way, when you setup a new data source from the "Data Sources"
management UI, you can only create a new report to display it on. I
expected there to be a list of reports where you could select which ones
you wanted to allow to access this data source. No such luck.

So yes, I ended up having to use the "Manage added data sources" view, and
recreate my data source.

I'm just whining about poor user experience so that hopefully the product
design team will see this and fix it in a future release.

*Stephen Gruenholz*
Product Manager
iHOUSEweb, Inc.
(866) 645-7700 x215

Reusing data sources?

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Any response? Same problem here!