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Report-Level Date Range not working anymore in Data Studio

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Our reports are not able to retain a selected Date Range when moving to another page on the report.

I believe that this was not in issue in the recent past.

Example Scenario -

  1. I am on page one of a report and use the Date Range widget (I set it up to be 'make report-level" when creating it) to select my range for the report
  2. I go to page 2 with the expectation that the Date Range will still be what I changed it to.
  3. Page 2 loads, but the Date Range selector has defaulted back.
  4. I go back to Page 1, and the Date Range selector has defaulted back

It seems small and annoying; you can re-select on each page, but this seems like a pretty big functionality of DS.


So, I can't tell if it is an issue with the Date Range function or if it is how the DS app treats page-to-page navigation.


Any help is appreciated!