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Referral Tracking from AMP Pages

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Good day!


I have a client that is a news publisher. They have been toying with the idea of creating AMP pages, but keep finding reasons not to. A recent questions has come up that I am having trouble finding information on.


I know there is AMP analytics, however, if an AMP page loads (which still sits on Google's domain) and the user doesn't visit the site, do we lose the referral?


Could this potentially, negatively impact referral traffic from articles? Certain components that promote re-circulation from these articles aren’t AMP supported.


Any info would be great!

Referral Tracking from AMP Pages

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Hi Help P,


I'm also currently working with AMP pages and Google Analytics.


First of all, you must know that, as suggested by Google, it is better that you create a new Google Analytics property to analyze traffic on AMP pages.


Source: Accelerated Mobile Pages require a different Analytics tag

"We recommend That You set-up and use a separate Analytics property for AMP measurement"


AMP pages should obtain a different set of data than the normal pages, and using two properties avoids to have inconsistencies.


In the new AMP property, however, you can correctly view referrals, so you should not fear a loss of data.


As a further thinking, you can consider the application of three tracking codes:
a) On the normal pages (as usual)
b) On AMP pages (as suggested)
c) On both pages, to obtain a sum of the data
Unfortunately, at the time, I could not figure out if I can use two tracking codes simultaneously on one page AMP.


Let us know!