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Query Error when using date field in Date Range Dimension or Filter (PostgreSQL)

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Using "Date Range Dimension" when you select a field type "date" to the server comes SQL-query without condition "WHERE" and Data Studio throws an error "There`s a query error.", because the result is too large and Data Studio crash.

Query like this one:

2017-04-03 11:31:46 UTC [7965-2] agency_103@agency_103 STATEMENT: SELECT SUM(conv) AS _conv_, SUM(imps) AS _imps_, account_id, date, keyword_name FROM keywords_raw_table_adwords AS t0 GROUP BY account_id,

date, keyword_name ORDER BY _imps_ DESC

Also condition "WHERE" won't be added if use additional filters as e.g. account_id. 

Instruction step-by-step: