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Product SKU's from multiple Products within the same Transaction ID in one tabel row

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Hi everyone,


Question: I would like to show Product SKU's from multiple Products within the same Transaction ID in one Tabel row in Data Studio. Is this possible?


Scenario: I've connected Google Analytics to Data Studio. In Analytics, every eCommerce Transaction has a few Products which are always the same. The Product SKU's within these Products may vary. For example: every Transaction ID contains a Product called 'Brand' and a Product called 'Model'. The real brand- and model names are stored in the Product SKU, for example: 'Ford' (in Product 'Brand') and 'Mustang' (in Product 'Model').

I'm aware that this may not be the right way to use the eCommerce tracking but it worked for me so far!


The following table is the desired result.





For now I only got it working with multiple rows for every different Product. This means that two rows contain the same Transaction ID, & Date but one row contains the 'Brand' and the other row contains the 'Model'. This is not ideal for reporting the data.


I hope there is a solution to this problem.


Thanks in advance!



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Product SKU's from multiple Products within the same Transaction ID in one tabel row

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That's not exactly how GA transactions work and you're correct, you're not using ecommerce right. As in "not at all" ;-)

You're better off using a single product ID and using data import to upload product name, brand, etc.


Back to your reporting issue: transactions and products use two separate accounting systems so you can't associate product IDs (and related details) with transaction IDs (and related details). Transactions are session-based whereas products are transaction-based.

If you want to transaction IDs and still see product performance, use Unique Purchases as your main metric and work from there.


Try the shared report here:

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