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Problem of getting the date of a GA report , created by Google Analytics add-on for sheets

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I am using the GA add-on for Google Sheets to run a report regularly (daily). Since the report collects monthly data, I need to find out how many days have passed in the current month to compute a (extrapolated) average.


In the report created by the GA add-on, there is a field (B2) which tells which date the report is run. However, it does not seem possible to use this value since the value does not have a header (or any other reference which Data Studio can use).  


However, f I add a new sheet to the report, I can create a reference to the field above, and I can then use that to create a NEW Data Source and so get the value into Data Studio (and correctly display it in a table). However, due to the fact that it is a SEPARATE data source, it seems I cannot use that in a computation with the original data source. It is infuriating to see this value on the page but not being able to use it..


This could be resolved if it was possible when defining a computed field to reference a field from a different data source, by prepending the field with the name of the data source (in this case, if I had called the new data source "Calendar data", and the applicable column was "Date" then by writing "Calendar dataSmiley Very Happyate" I could use this when creating a calculated field in any data connection in the Data Studio document).