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Problem getting data from tables

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I have two problems with data shown in tables in Data Studio:


   - if there is more lines than can be shown, then a scrollbar appears, but this hides parts of the rightmost column, making it impossible (almost) to select the right-most cell in the last row. Only sometimes, when the content has enough characters, is it possible to select one of the initial characters of the cell, and then, after releasing the mouse, use shift + right arrow key to extend the selection.

   - after a selection and copy of a table, pasting it into excel results in one-dimensional row instead of a table. When Data Studio converts the copied content to the Clipboard, the table should be preserved.

Re: Problem getting data from tables

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Good suggestion. An export as CSV might also resolve.

Here is a feedback form to send this suggeston to Google (or click the "feedback button in the tool" so send a screenshot aswell)