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Problem by adding/adapting custom dimensions/metrics in Data Studio

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Hi all,


I'm creating different dashboards using a connection to 2 different Google Analytics views.

Dashboards with the First GA view: I have not problem by adding and updating dimensions/metrics.


Dashboards with the Second GA view: I created a week ago some dimensions/metrics. But now when I'm trying to adapt theses custom dimensions/metrics, it looks like the dashboard is not refreshed with my adaptation. And if log off Data Studio and re open the dashboards, the custom dimension/metric is displayed with the initial formula (without my last adaptation).

Same behaviour If I create a new dimension/metric. Moreover, I can't see it the dimension/metric list in the right side of the tool.

So either, there is a bug with Data Studio, or I miss something with the setup of the second view :-(

Does anybody has already encountered this kind of issue?

Thanks for your help.


Problem by adding/adapting custom dimensions/metrics in Data Studio

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I'm currently experiencing issues saving my reports - refreshing loses all changes as saves were never made. I'm receiving the below error - potentially related as it sounds like it's not saving your changes? 

"Failed to save

Oh no! We can't save this report right now. 

This may just be temporary. To keep working, close this message. If the error happens again, please refresh the page. Any unsaved changes will be lost. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

For more help, please visit the Help Forum."