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Performance Questions

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I'm using GDS heavily for interactive data analysis using large sheets.  There are cases where I need to display lots (more than a hundred) dimension options in a filter.  I think I have noticed a large performance degradation recently, so I have some questions. 

  1. Is there any performance difference between linking to a Google sheet and using file upload? Big Query?   
  2. Is there any performance guideline ( a chart would be nice ) showing the load time and responsiveness based on filter size? Is it linear?  
  3. What are the performance implications (if any) of using multiple large filters?  By large I mean settings of over 100 items.
  4. Is there any performance advantage to using multiple pages connected to the same data source but filtering the page for a value to reduce the size of another dimension filter?  
  5. Is there any performance hit for multiple pages in a report linking to larger data sources? Is there a performance penalty for using more pages in a single report? I really like the multiple pages, but would it be better performance wise if I used separate reports?
  6. Is there a performance advantage to using a smaller data source table compared to table or page filtering?   
  7. Are there any performance tips out there?  Clearing cache? Removing caching?  Applying filters to pages?   Removing unneeded dimensions?  Breaking down large data sources?  

Many thanks to the community for all your help and insights!