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Percentage Error

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I am trying to setup a new Scorecard.


However, looks like percentage change has incorrect values.


My settings:

Data Source: Adwords

Metric: Conversions


Date range: Last week (Starts Monday) - I want to compare W15 -10th April to 16th April vs W15 - 11th April to 17th April

Compare to Previous Year


In this case, my current value is 142

The percentage difference shows 16.39%

However, the previous period is 113


If I calculate, the actual % increase is 25.66%


My question: When we choose, compare to previous period, does it compare to exact dates or weeks?


If it compares to dates, is it possible to compare to weeks?

Percentage Error

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I believe it compares exact dates (4/10-4/16 this year vs the same dates last year), not corrected for day of the week.

Percentage Error

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I believe there's an ISO week dimension - I think that this is the week number of the year, so that might be what you need. But definitely double check that that's in fact it as I'm not 100%.