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Pagination in multi-page reports is unintuitive

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I've made several Data Studio reports for various product owners and 9/10 of the POs didn't realize that the reports have multiple pages. I've had to inform each client and now I'm tediously adding a bright colored box to the top corner of each page saying Page 1 / 3 or whatever respectively.


Why is the pagination in Data Studio different from all other Google drive document styles? It's practically hidden and the UX is all-around fairly clunky -- esp. when creating reports.


At the very least I'd like a drag-and-drop UI element that displays the page number, or a page setting that has some style options for it. If not, then how about when a new user visits the report, or every time a user visits the report until they switch pages successfully, a growl appears at the top notifying them there are multiple pages and how to navigate them. This is silly isn't it? Please repair.