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Pages Tracking as / with no info ???

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Why am I receiving tracking data for a page only identified in my Google Analytics Data Studio as by a slash mark like this / ... ?  I've checked every single page on our web site and there is a html name and title for every page. The analytics code has been inserted into every page.  I've signed up for the Tag program.   All the web site pages are showing up as tracked, however a huge percentage of visits are showing as for page / ...?  There is no description for page /.  Another page is showing up as "Others" ...? I tried to copy and past our current report below and it did not work.  However, a table of exactly what I am referring to did transmit.  As you can see, we have 555 page views for Page /.  This shows up as a big blue area of / in our pie chart. If anyone can help me with this I would be extremely grateful!


 Miller Ward & Company Google Analytics Report 
Oct 29, 2016 - Dec 22, 2016
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