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Not able to select dimension in list

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I have created a connection from google sheets that has the following fields.


Date (date)

Campaign (text)

Amount Spent (currency)

Impressions (number)

Clicks (number)


I want to create a table that is filtered by date (that is managed at page level) with the Campaign field as the dimension.


My problem is that the Campaign dimension isn't available for me to select.


Anyone have any ideas?




Jo Sawyer

Not able to select dimension in list

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# 2
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Is it possible that campaign isn't set up as  a dimension? If DS thinks it's a metric, it wouldn't show up on the list as a dimension. 


Sometimes DS seems to do weird things, but when I close out my browser and then re-load it, it seems to work. I know that's not much of a suggestion, but give that a try just in case...