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Monthly Reports

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I've created the monthly report layout last month, and would like to duplicate this each month. Instead of writing over each report, I'd like to make sure in datastudios there is a report for each month.


How can I duplicate the same report to have all the same charts in there, while only adjusting the dates and title?



Re: Monthly Reports

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Hi there! If you are using the same data source for all the data you include in your report, this will be rather easy. Go to "File" --> " Report and Theme Settings" and in the "Data" tab, select your data source and add a "Default Date Range" for the current month you're analyzing. To replicate this for another month, all you have to do is go to "File" --> "Make a Copy," which will create an exact copy of this report in your data studio library. In the copy, change the "Default Date Range" to the following month. You can go ahead and set this up for the next 12 months if you wanted, and the data will populate when the month actually takes place.

If you're using different data sources throughout your report, you'll need to do a little more work with the "Default Date Range" by adding a "Date Range" chart (which is actually a filter found in the chart selection area) on each page, and selecting the desired month on each page - this will cause all your charts on that page, no matter from what data source, to only show information from that month.

If you're using the free Data Studio version and can only have 5 reports (causing you to not be able to have a separate report for each month), you might want to duplicate the monthly findings in the same report by manually duplicating each page - not sure how many pages you're using, but you can have as many as 100 pages in one report - so if your monthly report is 8 pages or less, you can have a whole year's worth of monthly reports in one Data Studio Report. However, doing this means you won't be able to set the date range for the whole report, and you will need those individual data filters on each page.