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Linking to pages within a report - Tip/Feature Request

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I've got a few reports containing a number of pages. When I share a report it typically takes the user to the front page, but I may not always want them to land there.


You can't currently choose to share a specific page/selection of pages but there is a work around:

Towards the end of the URL for your report there is '/page' followed by a combination of 4 letters and numbers e.g. '/page/9pOC'


If you copy and paste the URL when you are on the page you want to share (ensuring it has /page/9pOC in this example) then this should take people directly to that page. The first time I tried it I got an error message but I've tried it numerous times since and it works. (Make sure link sharing is on)


Another way of using the page code/identifier is if you have a number of pages/sections within a report. I have an overview page with a list of contents. Using the 'add/remove link' option in Text Properties I can hyperlink the list and take people directly to a page without them having to flick through.


You can even create a navigation bar/menu that persists across all pages so people can move back and forth within the report.


Feature request - can we have a more user friendly way of doing this please? Smiley Happy