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Limitations on calculated metrics, still no solution?

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In our GA we have a metric called "Total Events" which is a pool of lots of numbers from many diffrent events,

The only way to know which is which, is to look at the dimension "Event category" Where diffrent entries will be called "Download, Openings, Pageviews, and so on"

What im trying to do now is make some calculated metrics to give each type of data, their own metric,

So i need a way to seach for a certain word in the dimension field "Event category" and when it finds an entry, then return and add the value in the metric "Total Events" and do this for every entry found.


I have found lots of forum posts, discriping the problem im facing right now, but as far as i can see, google hasn't added a way to solve it (even though most of the posts date back to almost a year ago.) Example:


Hope anyone out there has found an easy workaround for this, or has heard anything from google themselves about a future update.

Best Regards Rasmus