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Incorrect bulk event data

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Hello Everyone,

Currently i ran into a problem related to Google Analytics Event tracking. I am currently working with 2 different analytics tools, Google Analytics and Clevertap. Clevertap works similar as Google Analytics in a way that in both I can register Events through javascripts.

So i have this one event which triggers on whenever someone clicks on my header bar menu. When I check on real time while testing, they both show equal number of events, BUT the problem occurs when I tally the previous day's data. Clevertap's data makes sense (25 events)


when i go GA( Dashboard > Behaviour > Top events) and check the event data there, it's way off (7 events). I have created many events previously and they work fine.

What can be the reason here? Am i looking at the wrong place, because I have created Goals for that too and they show the unique events matching the GA's unique events.