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Include single field from google sheet in Google Data Studio

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Hello I have a simple problem that I hope someone can help me with.

I have just started using Data Studio and am greatly enjoying it.

In the business I work for there are many reports that have been created by multiple people containing data from multiple systems that I would love to be able to group into one google data studio report.

I do not have the ability to edit all of these reports however I would like to include single field values from them in a report within google data studio.

I have not been able to do this successfully.

As a simple example I have a basic spreadsheet with a single value in column B row 2. Assume that this is a spreadsheet I do not have edit rights for and cannot edit headers or rearrange the format of this sheet.

How do I get whatever is in field B2 to display as a scorecard in Google Data Studio?

If I configure fields as per the below



I then get an invalid metric error as per this screenshot



Do I always need a metric for data to display in Google Data Studio? and therefore for spreadsheet data to be importable to datastudio does it need to always have headers defined?



Include single field from google sheet in Google Data Studio

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Hi Ben,


in your exact example, you'd just need to select "B" as the Metric and your value (123) would be displayed correctly.


Best Regards!

Re: Include single field from google sheet in Google Data Studio

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Hi Ben,


you do not necessarily have a headline. If your Google Sheet does not have a header, simply uncheck the "Use first row as header" check box.

2017-06-15 15-17-18.png 

In your scorecard, please select 'B' as a metric.

2017-06-15 15-24-58.png


Kind regards