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Importing calendar data (from calendar sync link) into Data Studio

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Hi there,


I run a small outdoor event business, and have all bookings in a booking application which unfortunately has rather poor graphic display capabilities. I would like to use Data Studio to produce synthetic views such as number of bookings per day, number of guests per day (knowing that the number of guests is entered in each calendar entry always in the same exact way), etc.


I guess the first step is to import the calendar entries, and I have a calendar sync link, with which I can for example export all entries into a Google calendar. So that should be possible, the problem however is that I was not able to find out in Data Studio how to enter such a sync link as a data source.


Can anybody help ?


Thanks in advance !


Pierre-Francois Marteau

Importing calendar data (from calendar sync link) into Data Studio

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Bonjour Pierre-Francois, 


Le plus simple serait de pouvoir synchroniser ton calendrier avec Google Spreadsheet, et de connecter ensuite la feuille avec Data Studio. 


Pour l'instant Google Calendar ne peut pas être importer dans Data Studio, fonction non supported. 


English. The more easy way will be that you synchronize your calendar with Google Speadsheet and after, to connect your sheet into Data Studio. 


For now, the fonctionnality to synch with Calendar isn't supported in Data Studio.