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Huge difference in Data Studio en Analytics data

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So I've crafted up a basic Data Studio dashboard summarizing some key metrics. I've done this a couple of times in the past with larger data sets from other GA accounts, without encountering any data discrepancy issues... 


In this particular dashboard, the most basic metrics show huge differences compared to figures in Analytics. I'm talking about basic stuff like sessions outlined per default channel or just even total sessions. I'm comparing on monthly basis.



Organic Search Sessions for June '17:

  • Data Studio: 9.934 sessions
  • Analytics: 7.150 sessions

Total Session for June '17

  • Data Studio: 18.052 sessions
  • Analytics: 11.821 sessions


Things I've checked:

  • I'm using the correct data source, so no harm there.
  • I've checked if I'm using a wrong/different metric, but in Data Studio the Sessions metric is the only one available.
  • Data are unsampled in GA = 100%
  • Don't think this is a Data Studio sampling issue. 'Cause if it was, this would end up in having lower figures in Data Studio, right?
  • I thought it could've had something to do with the new Data Control preset. I've recreated the dashboard without it, using the relevant data source. Results in the same faulty data... 

Am I missing out on something? Might be something straightforward... Anyways, I've set up dashboard in the same fashion for other accounts and this is the first one with data differences to this extent.


Thanks anyway!

Huge difference in Data Studio en Analytics data

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Since a few persons have the same issues, I'm wondering if you could try to find the accurate sessions number using the Query Explorer which is directly connected to Google Analytics API. From there, we would have a better idea where is the problem. I find it unusual that the disparities you have are based on months rather than days or weeks (which is a recurrent problem).



Re: Huge difference in Data Studio en Analytics data

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Hey Samuel,


Thanks for coming back at me!


I've run the Query Explorer as you suggested. And it actually returns the exact same firgures as reported in Data Studio!


Query Explorer data:

2017-07-27 10_49_39-Query Explorer — Google Analytics Demos & Tools.png













Data Studio data: 

2017-07-27 10_55_27-Etex Group - Monthly Overview.png

So, what can we conclude? Are data in GA incorrect or sampled, although GA clearly states the data is unsampled for the same data range (June '17):

2017-07-27 11_19_06-Channels - Analytics.png

I'm a bit puzzled here... Smiley Frustrated

Huge difference in Data Studio en Analytics data

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Nice to have all this information and screenshots! Have you tried to compare data from other months (May, April, etc.) to see if the same differences are shown? 


I think the first conclusion here is that there is some issue with the reporting in GA. It should show the same thing as in the Query Explorer. 


Pretty interesting case you have Smiley Happy

Huge difference in Data Studio en Analytics data

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Hi All,


I also have a large enough discrepancy between Data Studio & GA. 


GA says

Sessions: 8,277 vs 5,215 last month
While Data Studio (same client / connection solid)
Sessions: 10,807 up 57% (which interestingly IS the correct %'age increase if using GA's figures)
That's a big difference - 'was hoping to introduce this to the client..

Huge difference in Data Studio en Analytics data

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I should add that again, Query Explorer returned the same results as Data Studio, not GA.. 

Huge difference in Data Studio en Analytics data

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Hi, I have the same problem