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How to show the relationship between 2 (or more) data sources

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I would like to link 2 or more google sheets or tabs on the sheet as a data sourse and be able to pick measure, dimensions and filters from both in one bar chart. Or create a filter which works on all the charts regarding on the data source. In Qlik and Tableau I connect data sources by naming 1 or many column (data point) the same and the tools links the 2 (or more) tables together - pending on how I want to link the data together and how many sheets/websites I have.


I have 2 google sheets - one with daily information from users (a google form) and one which contains the user name, group gender and so on. Both tables contains the column username. In Qlik/Tableau I just load both tables (google sheets) in as the data source and I can pick measures and dimensions from both sheets as I pleases.


How do I do this in google data studio?