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How to figure out which dimensions needed for a pie chart

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Hello all, I am struggling to create a simple pie chart to show the ratio of hard bounces to soft bounces within an email campaign. Could anyone tell me what the dimension and metric would need to be?


I tried 'Type of Bounce' as a dimension and created a custom dimension (soft bounces + hard bounces) 

Then I had the metric has total number of bounces custom metric: (total number of soft bounces + total number of soft bounces)


But nothing has worked so far and I am getting really confused! I don't want to create another datasource to pull it in perfectly, but at the moment I have a table for my data source and the table is set up with the top row as headers with things like 'soft bounce' 'hard bounce' 'email name' 'date sent' 'total sent'. Then the metrics listed down below, if that helps you answer my question?


I also have the date range dimension as 'date sent' as that is the only option available. Am I going to need to edit my table at all, or is there a way around this?