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How to add Real-Time users to Data Studio

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I'm developing a dashboard for a client and I need to include Real-Time active users. rt:activeUsers is not under the User metric and I'm unsure how to go about creating my own as it asks for a formula. However, there is no reference for how to use rt:activeUsers in a formula.




Thanks, J


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September 2016

Re: How to add Real-Time users to Data Studio

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The native GA integrations is for the standard GA API (not the GA Realtime API). Hence you can not see that field.

But... Even if you disabled caching, there is not timer refresh or interval refresh on DataStudio, so the Realtime API would not work in this environment.

I suggest trying a) reaching out to from google-analytics-realtime-api!forum/google-analytics-realtime-api
to see if a GoogleSheets plugin exists.

Otherwise... b) just use an iFrame or c) use the RealTime API in Andriod/iOD app instead.



How to add Real-Time users to Data Studio

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Hi Jonathan,

Please see the following article that guides you step by step to view your Google Analytics real-time data in your Data Studio: