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How to Plot Multiple Custom Dimensions as Rows

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Let's say I've built 10 custom dimensions to group multiple 'source/mediums' using the following CASE formulas: 


Custom Dimension 1: CASE WHEN Source Medium IN ("example source / example medium") THEN "Custom Dimension 1" ELSE "Oops" END

Custom Dimension 2: CASE WHEN Source Medium IN ("example source / example medium") THEN "Custom Dimension 2" ELSE "Oops" END

Custom Dimension 3: etc, etc


Currently, I can create a table for each dimension in Data Studio and it looks great. However, is there a way to plot multiple dimensions as rows within a single table? 



To accomplish this,  I've tried to group each dimension under a single custom dimension using the following CASE formula so that it would force each dimension as a row: 


Group Multiple Dimensions: 



WHEN Custom Dimension 1 IN ("Custom Dimension 1") THEN "Custom Dimension 1"

WHEN Custom Dimension 2 IN ("Custom Dimension 2") THEN "Custom Dimension 2"

ELSE "Oops"



The formula had no errors, but when I looked at the table, it only showed Custom Dimension 1 as a row and not Custom Dimension 2. Was there something wrong with my formula? Is this even possible to do? 


The data source is the same, metrics are also the same for each dimension.