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How to Compare pageviews of two pages (or more) on same graph

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I've to alligator wrestle this one - but can not get it to work... at it's simplest i'm looking to do this incredibly basic thing for managing sites... and seems I'm missing the magic key for it... 

Example - two different pages: 
- Page Path Level 1 = "/FirstPage"

- Page Page Level 2 = "/SecondPage"


All i want to do is see the pageviews for the above paths on the same time-series chart so i can compare their trends against each other... 


I can get it to work on two different charts by using a filter property on the chart... but i can't figure out how best to create the fields necessary (calculated i'm assuming)... to see them on the same chart... 


Anyone now the magic... 



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Re: How to Compare pageviews of two pages (or more) on same graph

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for the very basic need, comparing performance of two pages, you could create segments out of those pages Segment1 for Page1 and Segment2 for Page2. Note that if it is possible for the user to see both of those pages in single session then both of those segments would get 1 hit unless you explicitly define them not to be counted.

Most likely this will not solve your issue since I reckon you are after something else...?
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