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Google In-Page Analytics

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Hello All,

I am trying to use Google Analytics on an internal company website (microsite). I inserted the tracking code and began to see my dashboard populating the next day. In addition, my coworker has also gotten google tag manager working on the same website. However, in page analytics does not seem to work on the website. Each time I open the in page analytics page none of the fields are populated with stats and additionally I am getting the following error:


Problem loading In-Page Analytics
We've identified problems in your setup. These may cause problems loading In-Page Analytics.


Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

Re: Google In-Page Analytics

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Hi Sahithi,

in-page analytics needs to reach your website from the internet, in order to parse the image of the page over which it displays clicks, bubbles and the other GA metrics.

I tried to click the link you posted, and the website seems not reachable from the internet (from the domain name, it seems like a development environment, so it is likely that it is reachable only from your internal network or with an hosts file configured for solving for the domain name). In this case, in page-analytics doesn't work, and displays the error you are getting.

I'd suggest to follow the error message advice, and download the Page Analytics Chrome Extension, that may solve the issue:

Hope it helps!

I wish you a wonderful day,


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